• Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Corn oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  1. Sunflower oil

    Sunflower oil

    Sunflower oil - vegetable oil obtained from oilseeds of oilseeds. The most common type of vegetable oil in Russia and Ukraine, which are leaders in its production in the world.
  2. Olive oil

    Olive oil

    Olive oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the fruits of European olive (black olives, lat. Olea europaea). In terms of fatty acid composition, it is a mixture of fatty acid triglycerides with a very high content of oleic acid esters.
  3. Corn oil

    Corn oil

    Corn oil Vegetable oil, which is obtained from the germ of corn kernels. It has a light yellow or reddish-brown color, a pleasant smell and taste.
  4. Flaxseed Oil

    Flaxseed Oil

    The beneficial properties of linseed oil are determined by the content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids: alpha-linolenic (omega 3), linolenic acid triglyceride. Flax phytoestrogens have antioxidant effect, determined by antitumor activity.
  5. Rapeseed Oil

    Rapeseed Oil

    This Pancake week product with a subtle nutty taste, used exclusively as biofuel in the last century, today occupies a good position among edible oils. This vegetable oil is obtained by pressing rapeseed.