• Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Plum
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  1. Cherry


    The benefits and healing properties of lingonberries have been known for a long time. In traditional medicine and home treatment, it is simply irreplaceable. Lingonberry harvesting usually begins in late September and lasts until November. Lingonberry is a frost-resistant berry that can retain all its beneficial properties for a long time. Frozen lingonberries today is a very popular and sought-after product. In frozen form, it is ideally stored and does not lose its medicinal qualities.
  2. Strawberry


    Perhaps, everyone is familiar with such a berry as strawberries. It is usually associated with summer, a village, warm evenings and milk. But most of all we miss this when all this is completely inaccessible - in the fall, winter, early spring ... Don’t worry! If you suddenly want strawberries on a frosty winter evening, just buy frozen strawberries. The main advantage of frozen strawberries is that it retains all the taste and health benefits of fresh strawberries with the only difference being that fresh strawberries are available only once a year, and frozen at all times. Frozen strawberries are mainly supplied from China and Russia, and there are two classes as standard: the first and, accordingly, the second. Frozen strawberries of the first class are an excellent decoration of the table and cakes, and frozen strawberries of the second class are ideal for homemade preparations, canning, cooking and other purposes where they are needed in a processed form. In addition to its unique taste, frozen strawberries also have a number of useful and medicinal properties. Freshly frozen strawberries contain sugar, vitamins C, group B, folic acid, carotene, fiber, pectins, cobalt, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, citric, malic and salicylic acids. Freshly frozen strawberries tend to have a beneficial and healing effect on the whole organism.
  3. Raspberry


    Everyone is familiar with a berry like raspberries. The main association with raspberries is summer, the sun, the village. However, unfortunately, this time does not last long, and raspberries come off quite quickly, and I want to eat it all year round. Moreover, sometimes you want to treat yourself to a raspberry, even in winter. The way out of this situation is simple - frozen raspberries. Frozen raspberries in no way inferior in its properties to fresh. It contains the same nutrients, retains the same taste, not only in the summer, but at any time of the year. Frozen raspberries are supplied to our company from a domestic producer from Russia. We have a berry of both the first class and the second. It is clear that the frozen first-class raspberries has just perfect condition, it is whole, large, has an attractive appearance. Frozen raspberries of the second class have some defects, but in essence are no different from the first. Frozen raspberries contain a large amount of folic, citric, salicylic, malic, formic and ascorbic acid. Raspberries are also rich in carotene, anthocyanins, glucose, fructose, sucrose, tannins, flavonoids, pectins, mucous membranes and protein substances. Minerals, B vitamins, anti-sclerotic substances are essential components of both ordinary raspberries and frozen. Frozen raspberries are an excellent filling for pies, jams. Freshly frozen raspberries are indispensable in the confectionery and dairy industries. Raspberry juices, compotes, liquors and tinctures are very popular. Frozen raspberries will always find use, it will never be superfluous.
  4. Plum


    Plum is loved in our country, but, unfortunately, it is not so developed and does not grow so actively in our area in our climatic conditions. Plum is a rather large oval, round or ovoid-shaped berry. The mass of one berry is from 6 to 100 g, and in color it can be yellow, green, red, purple or bluish-black with a bluish waxy coating. A ripe plum appears in the second half of summer. And not everyone can boast of having a rich harvest of plums in their garden. Moreover, no one can boast of the presence of plums in winter. Therefore, the only thing that remains to be satisfied is a frozen plum. However, we hasten to note that this is a very wonderful alternative.
  5. Blueberries


    Our forests are quite rich in blueberries. However, in order to feast on her, it is necessary to make a lot of effort. To leave the city, get up early in the morning, go to the forest, pick up one berry for several hours, get dirty from head to toe, and then eat everything in an instant. Perhaps such a prospect may please a few. You can buy fresh blueberries only in the summer and only in June-early July. But blueberries are so healthy and so tasty! There is only one way out - frozen blueberries. Frozen blueberries in their taste and medicinal qualities are not inferior to fresh. The only difference is that frozen blueberries can be obtained all year round. Here you will find frozen blueberries, delivered from China, Serbia and, of course, ours.
  6. Apples


    Among fruit plants, apples occupy first place in planting area and harvest. This is explained by the fact that you can use them all year round. In addition, they have high taste, are well transported and are widely used for all kinds of processing. In apples that are frozen by shock freezing, most of the positive qualities are preserved. Our store offers to buy frozen apples in bulk from us on favorable terms. For their freezing, only high-quality fruits are used.
  7. Pears


    For the first varieties of pears, heat treatment was required, since they were completely unsuitable for fresh consumption. An edible variety was later developed. Today in the world there are almost 5 thousand varieties of pears. All of them differ in size, shape, taste, color and ripening time. A pear exudes a unique smell, the stronger it is, the more vitamins in it. So that at any time of the year you can enjoy this wonderful fruit, it is frozen. Frozen pear retains the maximum of its useful qualities.
  8. Peaches


    Peach Peaches also spread throughout the world from ancient China. For us it is, one might say, an exotic fruit. It does not grow in our gardens, we cannot really indulge in it. At least they couldn’t ... Until there were frozen peaches. Today, frozen peaches are supplied to us by China, their ancestral homeland. Their delivery comes in two forms: freshly frozen peaches halves and frozen peaches cubes. It follows that frozen peaches are initially delivered seedless. Peaches are a very useful and nutritious product necessary for the full existence of a person. The peach pulp is very fragrant, juicy, refreshing, nutritious and easily digestible. Frozen peaches are useful in case of anemia, in order to improve the intestines and stimulate gallbladder contractions. Peach juice is indicated for heart rhythm disturbances, stomach diseases with low acidity. Peaches help improve digestion, their juice is taken in case of heart rhythm disturbance, anemia, stomach diseases. However, for people with increased nervous excitability, peaches should be consumed very moderately, since they have an exciting effect. Due to the high potassium content in peaches, they help to cope with cardiac arrhythmias and other similar diseases. Peaches strengthen the immune system, fight pathogens and viruses. Peaches are remarkable for the female population in that they are famous for their anti-aging properties: they are able to retain moisture in the skin cells, which, in turn, helps to smooth wrinkles and eliminate sagging. The fruit acids found in peach fight dead skin cells, thereby rejuvenating and brightening it. Peaches are one of the best dietary remedies. They are extremely useful for those who want to lose extra pounds. Thus, if you eat at least 3-4 peaches every day, you can lose weight, while enriching the body with useful vitamins and minerals.